Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey There Momma Bear,

I'm still here in Manggapsang this week, but the end of the week is transfers so next week I will let you know where I am and who my comp is.  I do the chores but I don't mind because he cooks really well so it evens everything out.  We eat a lot of fish bangros or milkfish.

We just had a baptism just yesterday it was great.  Mark Jay Lumongdang Deles was baptized, he is 12 years old and it was awesome.  We had 40 at church instead of the normal 25 to 29 so that was way good.  All the less actives we have been working with are really all that close to coming back so I'm way excited but also I think I'm leaving so I'm kinda sad.  I mean whatever happens will be good. I just love all the people here they are  awesome even if they are drunk.  There really aren't any mean drunks here, because they are so loving and especially here on the mountain.  Man I love these people, you have to meet these people, Mom you will be amazed with what they have and how happy they are.

Sounds like all you guys are busy and all that jazz but sounds like you guys are having a blast with your lives.  I am glad you got to the funeral.   Enjoy life if you are getting frustrated at times, sit back and relax for a couple minutes and think about relaxing and that you don't really have to worry that much.  Dang I miss you guys and I hope you are all doing good.

I'm  excited for general conference; we get to watch on the 8th and 9th.  I hope you guys enjoy it also.  I'm doing good no need to worry about me and no I haven't received the package yet probably next week at transfers.  Thank you again mom.

I will see you guys later and I love you all, tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood

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