Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So everything is good here in the Philis.  I am kinda stressed because I'm trying to organize about 8 fhe's in our area and just trying to make them the best possible for the less actives and investigators.  Then I got even more stressed because when you have fhe's you always want to take a big group picture but my camera just broke yesterday.  I don't know what happened, I  turned it on and the zoom is broken so i don't know.  Mom, I'm kinda freaking out because this might be my last transfer here in this area and my camera can't take pictures.
Our family is doing good, the brother is still trying to stop smoking he smokes probably 8 sticks a day but its better then the 25 normally.  Sister is strong and the kids are great the oldest is 14 and he told his parents he wanted to go to church but was shy because his parents haven't gone yet.  They haven't gone because brother wants to get rid of his smoking before they go to church and sister stands by her husband.  It's so nice to see she keeps on pushing she wants this so bad but her and her husband are a team.  She wont move forward until brother moves.  Of course she is solid and she know she wants this but i don't know its hard to explain; though its just so nice to see because they are a team they respect each other, they help one another.  I do like seeing that. They live out in the middle of nowhere but they are just so smart about their choosing and the children and are so ready but of course brother just needs to stop smoking.

elder heywood

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