Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Fam,

Me and Elder Randana are great.  The ward is struggling but we are doing the best we can.  The language is coming really slow but its coming.  We had 2 baptisms, Jiji 15 and Lin Lin 11, oh and Lin Lin's younger sister Lisa but she is 8 and she wasn't an investigator.  It was a good baptism, I got to baptize all 3.  The 2 sisters, Lin lin and Lisa are way cute.  Their family is less active and I just hope that sparks something in their family. They all got baptized 3 years ago except the young girls and one of the older girls and the whole family went to church.  Then Bro Villiar (family name) died in car crash i think and they stopped coming but the missionaries have been working with them for about the last year in a half.  There is Sister Villiar she is an awesome mom and supports the church but its tough for the family to pay tithing because their income is way low.  There is Rompel 23, Ruby 21, Nimi 19, Love Love 14, Lin Lin 11, lisa 8, and Rose Mary 4 they are girls except for Rompel and Rompel is way awesome.  He was going to go on a mission but then his Dad died and then he went to the baptist church and was their singer, he is way good.  So that's the Villiar family.  Jiji she has no support behind her, she has the Idiosolo family but none of her actually family with her. She has her younger brother but her mom is in Canada studying abroad and then her Dad is in Iloilo another island so she lives with the Idisolo family.  They are her aunt and uncle and they support her but none of her own family.  That would be rough, I don't know if i could do that but yeah she is awesome. and she always tries to do the right thing.  That's my life right now; try to help everyone I can wherever I can but its not enough.  Everyone has like a major problem in the Philis.  Either their family is broken their parents are always drunk or they are always away at work just everything.  Thats the philis they are either way lazy or way hard working.

So back home sounds like everything is good.  That's way exciting about the temple.  Oh one more thing could you send a good book of quotes with the cook book i like quotes like anything sport quotes just quotes.

Manny Pacquiao won and everyone can't stop talking about him.   Yes, I did see a little of the fight and he did demolish that guy.

Katie and Aaron,  happy anniversary good luck on the house I hope all goes well.  That's way awesome about Dana, star of the Suns half time, that's Dana!  Tell Luke to keep on doing the best he can and have fun. I always like tournaments.  Chris you're sick because you have a girlfriend, thats why your sick. haha I seriously just laughed pretty hard because you said Chris can't hear, I remember those days.

Tell Lynn Richardson thank you for package number 2 and I did receive the apple juice in the first package, thank you times infinity.

love love love
elder heywood over and out

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