Monday, November 8, 2010

So first off I will answer your questions.  My comp is Elder Radana from Midinao.  He understands English but can't speak it. It is helping my understanding of the language a lot better but still hard to speak it.  I got Lynn's package, tell her thank you.  My ward in Tangub should be a branch the only people that actually do their callings are the bishop, his wife and the High counselor and his wife.  Bishop is tired of doing all the callings so he is getting lazy.  We don't have PEC, we don't have ward counsel meetings.  Our ward is barely holding on.  We have 100 that attend out of 600 and that is my ward.  Hopefully we can turn things around. We have been working on just all reactivation last week. We have 2 baptisms this Saturday, JiJi she is the niece of my favorite family.  They are like my part time family, they are awesome were having fhe with them tonight.  It is actually 2 families the Idiosolo family and Layao family.  I will talk about them later but Christmas wish is a protein vitamin and simple recipe book.

So this past week I discovered how to make rice crispy treats without a microwave.
Step one: get a big boy of water put it on the gas stove then take a smaller bowl put the marshmallows in that bowl with butter and that's how you make the marshmallows melt then mix in the rice crispys or whatever cereal and boom you got rice crispy treats.  I know your impressed.  Oh and also I discovered mango marshmallows.  They sell them here in the markets different but pretty good.

Ok, back to the family.  They are family out here in the philis. We have the Idisolo family.  She is a seamtress then Bro I. is a taxi driver.  There are 2 boys one is 11 and one is 14.  They are way sweet.  Their niece lives with them she is 15 and she is awesome. The Layao family they live next to the idisolos ( oh all their houses are all bamboo its sweet) so we have the the 2 families. Last week I don't know what we were talking about but sister Sally Layao the mother of the Layao family and Sister Idisolo said that I was part of their family now and I don't know it was just really sweet moment.  I think I'm in Tangub area for that reason because of those 2 families they are both part member families and and slowly but surely they will all get baptized but all of Sister Layaos kids need to get married cause they all live together and have kids but they aren't married cause it cost money and there is no divorce in the philis so everyone is cautious about getting married.  One of Sister Layaos kids say i look like Jason Stathom the movie star who is that? oh and i have gotten that I look like Sargent Winters from Band of Brothers here too.

Katie congrats on the teaching thing but a bit of advice...don't be a color guard coach what a joke ha ha.  The Manny Pacquio fight is next Sunday so we will probably only have like 60 people attend church.  Boxing and basketball is huge here.

How is Grandma Brown and Grandpa Bobby, how are they doing?  Tell them hi for me.

When will the Gilbert temple be done?

Everything is good here, kinda slow and the weather is like the show Lost weather; sunny then rains then sunny then rain and it looks like Lost here too just minus bamboo huts and concrete houses.

Well that's it for the week I'm grateful for everything back home and everyone you don't realize how much you have till its gone.  So just be grateful for your lives because in the world if you think you have it bad there is always those that have it worse then you and you're the only one that controls your own happiness so just be happy and smile.  Smiles are contagious!

love, elder heywood

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