Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hey there family ..quote of the week to think about "our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family, most of all us would give our own life for a family member yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for GRANTED"

think about that one

Well here in Tangub transfers are next friday and we will see where elder heywood goes . Hopefully i stay in tangub its progressing a lot and i love my comp he is awesome we have so much fun but also work so hard and i want to stay with the people i know for christmas instead of going to a complete new area. We had ward confrence and it was awesome . Our stake president taught our investigators class usually we teach it because our ward missionary leader is inactive so we teach every week but then president wanted to teach it. It was way good but way funny too he is awesome . There are so many great people here in the philippines . Everyone is way nice and loving its ridiculous how nice they are and how fun and funny they are. I wish a lot of people were more like filipino.

As for thanksgiving, yeah forgot about it just a normal day but I really missed all are traditions and everything. I dont know whats going to happen for Christmas it depends if i stay or not. Everyone is catholic or baptist. Nice you could read about Elder Peterson he is awesome , I wish I went on splits with him but we didnt get the chance. Tangub is progressing I love it here I want to live and die in Tangub, yes they have their struggles but they are awesome.

Sounds like your Thanksgiving trip was way fun.  Dang I miss baja and just looking outside and seeing that big old stupid face hahah..send me some pictures in the package.

I hope all of you have a great week and keep on going strong and think about the quote at the start of the email. Thank you for the money and for the sizes but what numbers do they want on them?

Eating: I eat rice with whatever topping there is and pbandj sandwiches oatmeal and eggs and thats it.

love you all
talk to you again next week. I have only been gone for 5 months crazy huh
halong ejmh

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