Monday, November 22, 2010

Sounds like things are going very well.  Yes the Villiar family is awesome and the Idisolo family and Layao families are great.  I love them very much.  The boxing match was intense here, people were going crazy they are so nice here everyone and i mean everyone would ask us to come in and watch the fight so we would talk to them and watch a couple rounds then move to the next house.  It was pretty fun to tell you the truth and I kinda like boxing, it was way fun to watch.  I think it would be kinda fun to be a pro boxer. but yeah Manny is like Michael Jordan back at home or more like Lebron James because he is in every commercial on the TV and every billboard.  As for us, we have alot of investigators that we are focusing on and alot of less active families we teach.

Sounds like a dance frenzy back home. Sounds fun to me i would enjoy going to one of those right now but i would probably sleep the whole time.  It's harder and harder to get up but once I'm up everything is good. That stinks for Gilbert it would be way coool if they made to the semis.  Thats funny about Chris and the girls, i remember that age.  Thats a bummer about Chris's game but tell him to keep his chin up and keep on getting better.
So this past week we didn't get much done.  My comp is a dl so we had to go to the mission office for his training Tues. wed. and Thurs. and while he was getting trained all the other leaders comps were in the office with me.  We split up and just go talk to people so that was way fun trying to go talk to people in illongo.  My language is getting better though I still need a lot of work but its kinda fun cause i can understand alot of if it is slow and most of the people on Negros talk slow but if you get some one that is from another island like Cebuano they talk like no ones business.  My comp is Cebuano, holy crap its tough to understand him but it is coming along.  Anyway, is was way fun to go out and see what we could do.  We did pretty well for ourselves.

The weather is just like "Lost", sunny in the morning then you get that down pour that comes from no where its awesome.  I love it.  I have a couple stories but i don't have enough time to write a story. We are going to go play basketball right now, that will be pretty fun.  Answers:  I shower with a garden hose that comes through the window yeah its pretty sweet.  Food is really good here,  I thought i would lose alot of weight but actually if you don't watch what you eat you can get huge here. The bugs are OK nothing big just like you were camping pretty much.  Sorry i cant write a story its just they are all too long there are no short ones.
One more thing gay people here are crazy you really cant tell sometimes like back home you could tell but here its another world.

Ask me more questions next week like ask the whole family if they have questions for me and i will answer nest week.  Could you send me a jump rope please.

love love love elder jmh

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