Monday, January 31, 2011

So the new area is great it was way hard to leave the last area but I love the youth in this new area.  We have about 90 people come to church.  It was way nice to get out and work this week and meet everyone the work is kinda slow here but hopefully me and my comp, Ned Schneebly can get things going again and bring people closer to baptism. We had 2 baptisms this last Saturday.

In the hospital you just study and we were allowed to watch discovery channel because pres. tobias says he doesnt want us to go crazy.  So we watched a lot of documentries and on all the doc. there is a british guy narroting the doc.  So for this whole week we just been talking like brits something that keeps us laughing, yeah pretty lame but whatever.  My comp and I are having  fun though it was kinda a slow week but new week starting tomorrow.   I really do love my mission,  I miss you guys but its awesome right now; got a great comp thats way funny and smart he really acts like tony stark but looks like ned.   I got a great area the people are way loving.

Tell luke to email me i need to get some info from him? Tell dana to just keep having fun and tell Chris to not regret anything and just love his childhood.  Congrats kt and aar bear on the house!

love you all,

halong kamo
eldr heywood

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