Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow that's really crazy about the open fire shooting in AZ.  What the heck?  What happened to the 21 year old?  Why do people go crazy like that,  I don't get it. 

Our investigator that lost her job she had a rough week but we had her baptism 2 days ago her and the guy with the strokes' daughters too...they are twins 9 years old.   Anyway, she had a tough week but she just got another job and she said she is so happy,  I'm so happy for her.   All is well here in the Philippines but we have transfers again next week and I think I'm going to get transferred because I have been here for 4 and a half months but yeah we will see and I will let you know.  I really don't want to leave Tangub though there is still so much work to be done and there are these 2 people we are helping with their marriage next month but i don't know if i will be there but i know where ever i go its for a purpose.

sounds like a fun week but crazy just don't run around too much mom, enjoy every second.  Love you mom and love you family.  Love you all and keep strong tell everyone to look back on their life and tell everyone to slow down with everything and just enjoy family, friends, life,and everything... that is my request for this week. and tell Savanna congrats and give me Marie's email.  She gave me a dear elder and i want to write her back.  Tell everyone hello.
Alright everyone, love you palanga taka.
Tell Luke to look at his email and answer the questions

elder heywood

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