Monday, January 17, 2011

Sounds like a great week and a lot of fun.  Oh man I wish I could be there for the wedding and all that jazz. This week was very slow and our worked has slowed down and I dont know this week...I really missed home.  I think it was because I knew alot of people were at the wedding and I just wish Icould be there but yeah I miss you guys like crazy.

This week was weird we met a lot of people this week because we have been trying to find new investigators and so we have been talking to a lot of people.  I have great stories haha wow wow wow!  Just for example we were walking to church and this crazy lady just out of nowhere grabs my hand and won't let go and starts yelling at me in giberish so yeah that was fun.  I also realized that all the dog poop you see on the ground isn't really always dog poop its usually little kids poop so yeah thats kinda a fun fact and just so many much more little stories.
Big news is I'm getting transferred but I transfer in 2 days so I don't know where I'm going yet but next week we will know.   I'm going to miss my first area so much and my companion. Gosh I hope I get a great comp because your comp just effects you so much.  I'm excited for change but way sad too.  I am going to miss all the people here so much and just all the investigators that we have now.  Nothing really exciting except all the little stories,  I will just have to tell all you later in a year in a half.  Oh also news: me and my comp are teaching this excommunicated guy he has 5 wives/girlfriends but he told us that he wants to start over and marry his wife right now and be able to be sealed in the temple.  So its been kinda cool teaching him and all that.  His brother is a stake pres and his dad is in a bishopbric somewhere so he wants to change; that has been a expierence.

I had this one experience this week where I was teaching our new investigator's class at church and I dont know what happened but I just went off teaching about obedience and I dont know who was talking but I was talking really well,  I know who was talking but it was just way cool.  I don't know if anybody felt what I felt but I felt amazing and just happy but that was my week.  I will let you know what happens this week.  Send me some pictures of the wedding!!

love ejmh

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