Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st letter of 2011

Wow that would of been fun to go to all those parties.  We had a little party for New Years Eve also.  My comp and I went to a different area and watched a bunch of movies:  Toy Story 3, Incredibles, Gods Army 2, Other Side of Heaven and Walle.  It was fun and we got to sleep in so that was nice.  The movies were way good and it was the first time I saw Toy Story that was way good. Everything is pretty slow but we have a baptism this week.  It is  2 girls one is Mary Joy,  34 and Riala 17.  There was a lot of drama on Sunday because before church, Mary Joy got a call from her boss and she said you either go to church and lose your job orr you come and work and not go to church.  Thats right she came to church it was awesome but i felt way bad because she was teary eyed the whole time.  We tried to talk to her and tried to cheer her up and we told her things will get better because of the decision you made but you need to keep having faith and patience.  Thats easier to say then do but we are here for her.  Ii just hope she will see whats really important so pray for her please.

Dang sounds like a great Christmas.   Tell Grandma Brown I love her and tell her to get better and I pray for her everyday.  She needs to get better to see me at the airport when I get home I know I'm getting a head of myself but I dont care.

Oh I got your package, thank you but I still havent gotten Lynns.  Hopefully that comes soon.  About the newsletter just send it in the next package i guess.  Oh in that next package that would be great if you could send cereal and a bunch of old ties not like nasty ties but just like ok looking Goodwill ties.  A lot of the Aaronic Priesthood don't have ties here. Oh and that would be so awesome if you could buy Testaments and The Joseph Smith movie:  the full story that you watch in the visitor center and the Other side of Heaven but you might not want to sent those in their cases just like in like cd cases because if someone opens that package and sees dvds they might take them.  OK, that's my birthday wish thanks Mom and Dad and family!

love you a lot

I still can't get over my phone call.  I miss you guys so much and I cant believe its 2011 already. Love you all and miss you all and tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood love love love

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