Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry it was so late last night, I would of had you call earlier but the Elder that's good on the computer talked foreverto his family, like 4 hours no joke and I didn't want to push him off.  Thank you for inviting Jake and Madison; I loved my call I'm still on top of the world and I think I just broke my toe playing basketball but I don't care I got to hear from my family so it doesn't matter.  Thank you mom; you're the best and our family is the best and I love you guys.  I wouldn't be anywhere in my life if I didn't have you guys.  Really you are amazing family and tell the distant family I say hello.   It was good to hear you all and hear you laugh; sorry it was a bad connection.  Next time I will try to find a land line or something.  Well, Mom I got to go thank you so much again.

love elder heywood

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