Monday, May 2, 2011

I am calling on Sunday night around 9, hope that's OK with you.
That made me miss the family movies that Chris would always bust out on Sundays. Yeah, I hated my voice back then gosh. But I am now serving in the Philis now and I cant believe it, I wake up some times and I'm this far away.

Sounds like you guys had a good week, but you guys missed a good baptism and all that jazz!  Sis Roselyn Dulce was baptized then we had the Philis Jubilee on Sunday that we watched.  It is the 50th year the church has been in the Philis so yeah that was cool to watch at the stake center.  It was the celebration kick off in Manilla that we watched from the satellite.

I got your package, thank you so much for all the ties the ward will love it.  All the men and boys will love it actually. Tell the ward thank you so much! 
Also we had a huge fiesta in Hinigaran this week it was way fun a lot of partying. I have some good pictures and we had a great karaoke night with our neighbors Saturday night.  Haha the Filipino people love karaoke and there are karaoke bars everywhere.  They always rent karaoke machines for parties so our neighbors had one it was way fun to screw around with that.
I will answer all your questions on Sunday night if that's OK so write them down. 8:30 or 9 o'clock pm for you guys and Monday morning for me. I hope everything works out and if not I will probably get to try again the next week if it doesn't work.  Sorry there is no official time but I'm in the Philis so yeah that's all i can say about that. Love you all and talk to you this Sunday.
love elder heywod

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