Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Well I am in Manggapsang branch close to Masville.  Our branch and Masville branch meet at the same church and I met some people that knew Taylor Lines because Masville was one of his area's.  They love him here, oh man  the people who knew him and I clicked just like that.  It was way fun to talk to them and meet them. My area looks like I am in livin' the life of Jack on the show Lost.  I'm in the mountains and I teach the "others" that live on top of huge mountains. My first thought was there could be nobody that lives up there but sure enough there are 4 houses up there. Dang I love it, I hike 40 minutes up to our investigators houses we have like 4 neighborhoods that we teach in but they are all like around 30 to 60 minutes away from each other. Oh and we have to stop work at the max at 7:30 pm and start heading home, cause if we go past that time we won't be able to find a ride home and then we will have to walk home (honestly) for 2 hours.  So its important that we find a ride. The first night we didn't get a ride home, dang that was a long walk.  The house is nice for 2 of us, we have a nice hammock outside that I like swinging on in the morning and if we are home on time; I like swinging on it at night. The only bad thing is that the shower is ice cold freezing dang dang dang! Dude you would die honestly! My comp is Elder Peterson from Layton, Utah.  He is not the same Peterson from the MTC  whose parents you talk to though.  We have a good time together its way fun. My old comp stayed in my last area, he is now training. and then I transferred on Wednesday. The branch is good we have 25 people that come to Church. It is all good and some strong people out here.  It's an awesome area.  I enjoy it so much; though yes i was mad to leave and I still miss the people in my old area but this area that I am in is awesome.
Sounds like everything is good back home and if i send pictures you have to, too.  Take a lot of pictures of Lake Powell and send them please.  Have fun at home while I have fun here. Be safe I'm excited to hear the girl camp story of the week. Sad about Houston Elementary, I cant believe we're done all of us. You should go back and work as the librarian or something ha. Welp. tell everyone i love them and love you fam!

elder heywood

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