Monday, May 16, 2011

Sounds like a good week for you guys.  Dang I'm trying to send some pictures but I'm having a rough time.  I will still keep trying. I heard a lot of the news from everyone today, everyone sounds great!

We had a great week here,  we went to the jubilee so that was fun and I want to send some of those pictures to you but I'm having troubles.  After the phone call last week, we went to a wedding and the husband is not a member but we taught him this week and it was a great lesson the spirit was strong.  We didn't even have to teach him really, he understood everything.  We finally got this one girl to come to church with some members her name is Carlamae.  She is way fun, she is pregnant and 21 and her boyfriend is a fool he gets all jealous of us when we teach and we ask him to sit with us and he just gets all mad so we end up leaving.  Her friends that are members say they fight all the time and she always cries but then we see her she is always happy and singing even though her life is falling apart.  It's very sad but inspiring to me. We will just try and help her feel good and overcome her trials and that answer is the gospel.

How is Shaun?  Parker sent me a couple pictures, to me he looks strong and happy.  
Yeah, I heard about Lindsey, what the heck haha...winning on the Price is Right would be sweet. 

Love you and thank you,

elder heywood

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