Monday, October 17, 2011


First off... my last comp; Elder Peterson that is assigned in Fabrica in one of Taylor Lines old areas.  He has a convert that Taylor baptized and was wondering if Taylor could write a letter to him for some motivation.  He is off and on less active member and they are trying to help him get the priesthood.  His name is John Andalina but just send the letter to me if you can get it.   Thanks.

About your question:  my comp is Elder Garcia and the other Elder Peterson from my batch is with his first cousin, the other Elder Garcia and they are in my first area; do you follow that?

It sounds like everyone is doing good and had a good break and had some fun.   You think your 4th year girl's camp location was sketchy; I can show you sketchy... so don't talk to me about the girls camp, tell those girls that is nothing, trust me. 

Miss you guys and I love these people and this mission.  We found some new families they are fun and we had 7 investigators at church it was a good Sunday.  I love you all.

Ok, you keep asking so here goes:

Dear Santa,

What I want is for my family to come visit in July.  That would be my wish but of course it depends on them.  They have to meet these people they are awesome.

elder heywood

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